Sunday, April 21, 2013

In 152 days........

I will officially be a MRS.....His MRS :)  I can't wait!  This post marks the beginning of documenting my journey of becoming his wife.  It is my hopes that this blog represents our life together along with other random things that go on in my crazy world.  This is my living journal.  Something I can look back on to remember all the details leading up to and starting off as a new wife.  My own little place in cyberspace to blab about all the things that make me smile :)

Writing is one of my many passions which is what led me to document my journey by starting this blog but I am by NO MEANS claiming to be a professional writer.  Yes, I said take it easy on me :)  Mistakes will be made and I guarantee I will write like I talk at times, but through this space I hope to perfect my craft and to use it as a creative outlet.  If someone out there is able to learn through my journey and random experiences and I happen to make new friends along the way, great!  
The future hubby and I during our engagement session

Welcome to Married Life with the Mrs......and for the next 152 days follow me through my journey leading up to becoming his Mrs and the high's and low's of wedding planning which has completely taken over my life!

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