Friday, May 3, 2013

Buffet vs Plated.....Who really cares?!?!

Your guests.  Your family.  And deep down inside you and your fiance care too.  
The moment you announce your engagement you are on cloud nine!! Shortly after the congrats and the excitement comes to an end comes wedding planning.  And with wedding planning comes expectations.  You realize that everyone has a freakin opinion about what you should and should not do when it comes to your wedding plans.
During the very early stages of our wedding planning process, I shed a lot of tears from the stress of family expectations.  We even briefly considered not having a traditional wedding and just going away and getting married.  I am guilty of letting the expectations and demands of what others wanted get in the way of the joy of the planning process.  I learned very early on during this process that WHO REALLY CARES WHAT YOU THINK???  It is not your wedding.  Trust me, I GOT OVER the need to impress and came up with a list of non-negotiables to help me stay on budget and still get exactly what I want for our wedding.  I suggest all other brides do this too because it is a completely normal stage of the planning process to have a meltdown from expectations of what our family wants and what society says is "proper wedding etiquette."
Here's the thing.  Weddings carry a certain pretentious nature and people are still very critical of the bride for decisions she makes for her special event.  Weddings has turned into nothing more than an event to impress your family and friends. Think about it.  Wedding etiquette “suggests” what is appropriate in every single detail of the planning process- from how to address your envelopes,  to who should foot the bill, to what is more socially impressive- buffet or plated?   There are hundreds of books, articles, and people employed to share this etiquette with all the beaming brides across the globe.  
My stash
On one of the most important days of your life when it is supposed to be all about you and your future husband, your wedding guests will sit and judge you on whether or not you served a plated or buffet dinner along with a slew of other things.  WTF?!?!?  Seriously, who cares!?  It is 2013 and having a buffet dinner does not necessarily mean the food is of less quality, less expensive, or that your event will be any less elegant.  There are so many options now for the types of food to serve at formal parties and honestly every wedding I have ever been to that served a plated meal the food was NOT anything to write home about so a plated meal certainly doesn’t mean it is the better option in regards to food quality and taste.  No matter how much we say we aren’t wanting to impress our guests, we make certain decisions during the planning process that are solely to impress them guests and traditionally plated dinner receptions say elegance, class, and expensive! 
TRUST me!  I am all about the finer things in life and I DO NOT frequent buffet restaurants.  In fact, I do not believe I have been to a buffet since the last wedding I attended.   I love fine dining and everything fabulous and I want nothing less for our wedding.  But when you are paying for over 200 guests to dine on your dime, a buffet may be the most reasonable option.  Ultimately, the buffet vs. plated decision was a very easy one for me because a plated meal just wasn’t one of my must-haves during the planning phase.  I knew right away I would go with the option that provided the most options for the cost as I cared more about the venue, lighting, alcohol, and overall ambiance of the event than I did whether or not the meal was plated or not.  I just know I want a tasty and good meal for my guests!  End. Of. Story.
If the buffet option is less expensive and provides your guests with more options, go for it!  The most important factor in my book is that the food tastes decent whether served on a buffet or not.  The fiancé and I decided on a buffet dinner for our reception simply because it will provide our guests with more options to choose from and we wanted to put more of our budget into other areas of the reception.  It was slightly less expensive to do the buffet at our venue, but not much because we are having a pretty good selection of items on our buffet.  And guess what??  Our event will still be elegant, classy, and ridiculously expensive- PAINFULLY expensive.  Weddings are just so darn costly- it’s crazy.  I still can’t get over how much everything costs...smh.  
The verdict- I say do what you want, I don’t judge :) And your true friends and family won’t either so do not make the decision on buffet vs. plated simply to impress your guests.  Choose it because the food is to die for and because it is a non-negotiable detail for you because as brides, we all have our list of NON-NEGOTIABLES for our big event :)

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