Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just a little weekend recap

Friday night pretty much consisted of Chinese takeout, Bradley Cooper, and Moscato because the fiance decided we would have Friday night in and rented a movie.  Honestly, those are the best date nights :)  Just quality time in the comfort of your own home enjoying each others company=amazeballs.   Anyway, we watched the movie Silver Linings (thanks hunny for taking one for the team and watching chick flicks) and it was SO not what I expected.  It kind of reminds me of the movie Love and Other Drugs.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed the time together but the movie was so so.

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Saturday I had the opportunity to spend a few hours at the gym which is long overdue.  I am typically pretty athletic and make time for physical fitness but I must admit I have been relatively lazy this year when it comes to my fitness routine.  I am however easy to motivate because I am allergic to gaining weight.  Seriously.  I am my own worst critic and if I notice a little chub action happening it quickly puts things into perspective for me.  The best part is I got to workout with my babe.....he was finishing up with a client and decided to join me so of course I was pushed a lot harder.   I am feeling the results of yesterday's workout BIG TIME right now.  I can barely lift my arms :)

After the gym, we stopped by my FAVORITE grocery store Whole Foods.  I just heart that place.  I love everything about it and if it wasn't so darn expensive I would do all of our grocery shopping there.

The weather was beautiful so we enjoyed a night outdoors by having dinner and drinks on the patio in our neighborhood....good ole Addison.  Unfortunately, the night was cut short when I spilled sangria on my white skinny jeans :(  So we ended the night watching a movie I thought I would hate....Star Trek, but it actually was pretty good.

Just us Saturday night:)
Today we enjoyed a great word at church- one of my favorite parts of my weekends.  Sunday morning church service is like my therapy for the week.  It seriously heals me from any and all things negative and I leave inspired and ready to take on the week.  Today's word was all about just that....listening to Gods words to us and getting inspired.  Not letting things and the world's expectations stand in your way and give God the opportunity to show up and show out in your life.  Too often we get in the way of our blessings.  It was a timely message.  I spent the afternoon enjoying a massage to loosen up these tight muscles and treated myself to some Smoothie King while the fiance went and watched the game with a friend.

I made a healthy meal for dinner (I may post the recipe in a future post) and am getting geared up for the week ahead.  Currently watching a little Married to Medicine and blogging to wind down.....serious reality TV addict.  #ICAN'THELPIT

Lemon pepper crusted Atlantic salmon on a bed of brown rice with lemon pepper and chives asparagus- YUM!  

That pretty much sums it up.  I hope you enjoyed hearing about my random ramblings from this weekends events.

Until next time.....

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