Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sweet little thing called life....

This week I was full of overwhelming appreciation.  Appreciation for the little things.  The little things that make the 40+ hours at work each week, the drama and underlying shade people throw my way each day, and the countless other things that cause stress in this life all worth it.  One of the little things that I have grown to increasingly appreciate is genuineness.  I love being around genuinely good people.  This week reminded me of some of the innocence of life.  Those random fun moments with friends and family that bring joy and value to your life.  Those moments that make it all worth it.

Sadly, in this life we are surrounded by snakes.  People disguised as family and friends are working overtime everyday to try and bring you down.  Sometimes it is those closest to us that try and bring us the most harm.  Trust me, we all have them.  I have noticed lately I have a few of those in my circle and it makes me sad.  Why- who knows?  All I can do is pray for them and keep it moving.  And try my best to not stoop to an equal level. 

My advice:  if you have people in your life who are not adding value to it, do not give them or their shenanigans the time of day.  Surround yourself around people who make you smile.  Genuine people who enjoy life and make it worth living.  Not people who make it a sport to bring others down.  Not people who go out of their way to calculate moves of vindictiveness.  Not people who do not genuinely support you and throw shade your way.  Not people who are there for you one minute and the next minute are calculating ways to hurt you.  Seriously, some of the measures people take to try and bring you down are mind-boggling to me.  It is rather petty if you ask me.

But that's the crazy part about this sweet little thing called life!

So live, love, and laugh.  Carpe Diem, and live your life happily ever after without all the drama.  Surround yourself with genuine people.  Life is way too short.

Here are a few pics from Friday nights shenanigans at the Taste of Addison with a great couple, our friends Matt and Niesha Winters.  We had WAY too much fun :)

Niesha and I sipping some amazing drinks

The fiance with the craw fish man

Niesha and I with the craw fish men

We were all TURNT way up by this point

The guys being goofballs

Just me :)

Enjoying life
Enjoy the little things in this life.  We only get one chance to live it.  Make it count because when you do, it sure can be a lot of fun :)


  1. Thanks TeeGee! Glad you enjoyed the post. Come back again soon :-)


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