Sunday, May 26, 2013

The LIST of all lists

The time has come to put pen to paper and formulate the list of all lists.   The blueprint of my life on this Earth.  The Bucket List..... or Life List as some call them.

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I took the time and came up with the top 50 things I would like to accomplish in this life.  I am proud of this list because it is a thoughtful collection of all the random things I have wanted or wished to have, to do or to see at some point in my life.

Ready, set, here we go!!!

The Bucket List

1. Remove my tattoo
2. Learn to teach Yoga
3. Travel EVERY year to a new place
4. Become a wife
5. Start a family
6. Buy a pair of Christian Louboutin's

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7. Do a zip lining tour
8. Payoff all debt (partially complete except for mortgage and car)
9. Take a hot air balloon ride
10. Ride in a helicopter
11. Plan a big event from start to finish
12. Become a profitable business owner
13. Grow a lemon tree
14. Build a custom home
15. Plan someones wedding
16. Grow my blog to 10K followers
17. Save an emergency fund of 6 months living expenses
18. Buy professional photography and videography equipment/software
19. Go on a mission trip with my family
20. Travel Europe
21. Make a canvas painting
22. Stay at home with my children until they reach school age
23. Be able to take my immediate family on vacation for a week together
24. Author a book
25. Complete PhD
26. Have a custom walk in closet
27. Host an elegant dinner party
28. Own a luxury SUV
29. Attend a Christian woman's convention
30. Go on a ski trip
31. Commit to an organic meat diet
32. Be on HGTV
33. Own a Rolex watch
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34. Grow a garden
35. Design an outdoor retreat complete with a pool and hot tub for our backyard
36. Complete a DIY project for my home
37. Take a girl's trip to Napa Valley
38. Put my children through college
39. Have a home theater
40. Become a strong swimmer
41. Run a 1/2 marathon
42. Run a full marathon in NYC

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43. Take tennis lessons
44. Learn to play guitar
45. Edit a home video every year
46. Design my home office
47. Learn to surf
48. Attend the Essence music festival
49. Financial security to leave corporate America
50. Pay off our current vehicles

And there you have it.  My bucket list.  I can't wait to start crossing some of these off the list as there are a few on here I will accomplish this year :)


  1. Love the bucket list! Especially the shoes and watch

  2. Thanks Nicole! Come back again soon :-)


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