Sunday, June 30, 2013

5 tips to avoid becoming a bridezilla

I have been told I do a relatively good job at keeping a level head throughout the wedding planning process.  #pattingmyselfontheback  Having been the maid of honor to a bridezilla many years ago, I vowed to never become one which is what I think attributes to my calm, cool, and collective bridal disposition :)  Here are the top 5 things that have helped me stay sane throughout this crazy time in my life.

1. Stay Organized

This is key especially if you are planning your own wedding.  Start a binder of all your contracts and an excel spreadsheet of all your payment records.  This will help with your sanity and help you avoid losing very important documents.   It will also help keep you on budget which will lead to less stress.  I swear by organization in life and with wedding planning, lack of organization can completely make or break you and how smoothly the wedding planning process goes.  I purchased a big blue binder made by the famous wedding planner Mindy Weiss that I bought off Amazon for about $20.  It has been a lifesaver and even has advice in each section.  It is three-ringed so you can add whatever you want to it and also comes with clear zippered pouches so you can keep things like your save the date, invitations, etc.!

You can find the Mindy Weiss binder here:

2. Create a realistic budget & stick to it!

Set a realistic and hopefully debt-free budget.  Start an excel spreadsheet to keep up with everything or use one provided by your wedding planner or The Knot or WeddingWire.  I used a combination of all three!  My sister in law, who is a wedding planner, provided me a budget tracker very early on in the planning process.  I then started my own excel spreadsheet to customize my purchases.  I use one provided by WeddingWire to make sure I am not leaving out any of the little details.  Going over budget is one for sure way to make you and your future hubby crazy.  Besides, who wants to start off their new life in a ton of debt??

3.  Stay true to you!

I cannot stress this enough.  In the very early stages of wedding planning, I was trying to please my family which was driving me absolutely crazy and almost made me call the whole thing off and elope.  I quickly STOPPED listening to what everyone else wanted and focused on what my fiance and I wanted.   It is you and your fiances day.  Not your parents, your friends, or the rest of the family.  Not staying true to you will cause you so much grief and stress that you are bound to become bridezilla.  Make decisions that are going to make you happy :) Ultimately, you will not please them all anyway so why try.

4.  Treat your wedding party kindly

This is how you get the reputation of being a bridezilla in the first place!  Don't let everything become about YOU and your WEDDING 24-7.  Don't be overbearing.  If the people who are standing by you for your big day truly love and care for you, trust me, they are going to do everything you need them to do without hesitation.  There is nothing worst than a diva bride being mean to the girls who are willing to spend their time, effort, and money to stand beside her on that special day.  So there is need to start treating your girls like crap.  You will end up with no friends after everything is over and life is back to normal.

5.  Keep things in perspective

Remember the wedding is just one day!  The most important part is what comes afterwards so make sure you and your future hubby are prepared for this lifelong commitment.  Losing sight of this very important piece of the puzzle will force you to put all your energy into the details of wedding planning which is a stressful process.  If you get too bogged down with everything that comes with that big day, you will be one cranky bridezilla :)  Invest some of your time and energy in premarital classes.  This REALLY helped me focus more on the importance of making sure I am prepared to be a wife and not just a bride.  A marriage is so much more than a wedding day so remember that when the planning process starts to take over and become to much.

And there you have it!  Those are the top 5 things that have helped me stay sane the last 7 1/2 months.  Trust me, I have had my moments but for the most part I have been pretty relaxed.  If you follow these tips, you should be a relatively calm, cool, and collected bride to be.

Until next time.....

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