Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fifty shades of purple


Purple.  Oh how I love you.  You are my favorite color and of course the staple color of my upcoming wedding.  This week I became completely frustrated with you. Why?  Let me break it down for you.

I have been consumed with you, oh dear purple, and your varying shades all week.  The color scheme for my upcoming wedding is varying shades of purple and should come to no surprise.

Original wedding color palette= Amethyst, Lavender, Silver/Gray, and White
Photo Credit

Well I discovered this week that the shade of purple of my bridesmaids dresses (Amethyst) and the shade of purple in the groomsmen ties/vests (Lapis) are not indeed a match :(  Major disappointment. 
Groomsmen Vest/Tie color swatch
Bridesmaid dress (live up close pic)

This is just another downfall of planning a wedding from another state, and why I suggest you do not rely on online color swatches when choosing your bridesmaids dresses.  I found out the hard way that shades of purple look one way online, one way on your iPhone, one way in one kind of lighting, and completely different in person which makes it a very hard color to match!  I also discovered this week that the shade of purple in my envelope liners for our invitations appeared pinkish in one lighting and then purple in another.  All of this has completely driven me bananas!!

So long story short, the purple of the bridesmaids dresses (Amethyst) which appears a deep purple online is actually more of a Plum purple so when I matched it to the Lapis purple for the groomsmen that is what I was going off of.  After seeing a live picture of the dress this weekend, the two shades a completely different!  I wanted to cry.  Now we will be making another trip to Jos A. Banks to select more of a Plum purple for the groomsmen vests/ties.  At least I still have time to make these changes.

This whole dilemma, including the one with the envelopes for the invites prompted a whole new vision for our wedding color palette which I think I am going to like a whole lot more!!
Photo Credit
New wedding color palette= Amethyst(Dark Plum), Fuchsia (Hot Pink), Silver/Gray, and White

I basically decided to ditch the lavender to give everything a more dramatic and modern look.  So without all the drama with the fifty shades of purple this week, I would not have come to this revelation.  Crazy, I know.  That is exactly how I felt this week discovering that all these shades of purple were not matching up.  I am so grateful I have discovered a way to fix everything and with the help of my sister in law and her great eye, we have a whole new color palette to work with and I am so excited about it!!

Purple, I still love you and all your varying shades :)

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