Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

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Father's Day.  This day always brings out a certain emotion in me.  Certain emotions I attempt to tuck away and not effect my everyday life.

Do I have a father?  Sure I do.  Do I have a dad?  The sad answer to that question is no.  I am a child who did not have the luxury of growing up with a dad full-time.  To my father's credit, he started off being a very active part of my life but for over the past 15 years or so he has been pretty sporadic.  This is something I really wish would change. 

My Pastor said something at church today that I really feel will start me on the path to healing these wounds that I do my best to keep closed.  He suggested all of us out there in the world who hold resentment to our father's for not being the dad's we deserve, that we write them a letter.  A letter laying it all out on the table.  A letter explaining to our fathers exactly how we feel.  I thought this was great advice and just what I need.  I think it is about time I told my father exactly how I feel.  So I plan to put pen to paper today and write my father a letter.  Maybe I will send it now, maybe I will wait.  But like Pastor Mike said, it is good to just let it all out and I suggest that everyone who is missing out on having a real dad in their life daily participate in this exercise as well.  I think it will be therapeutic.   I am ready and willing to accept my father with open arms if and when he decides he wants to step up.  I really want to one day be able to enjoy this day with him.

Any man can father a child but only a real man will step up and be the dad every child deserves to have.  So this is for those dad's out there who make their life about their children.  You deserve the celebration because you are doing what many men fail to.  I salute you!

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