Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nitty, gritty, details.......

What's happening in the world of planning your own wedding?

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So I have knocked out all the major items and booked all the contracted vendors and I am down to all the little nitty, gritty details :)  And of course we still have all those lovely final balances to pay in the near future to all of our vendors.  So NOT looking forward to that!

I just saw the draft for our invites (designed by none other than my soon to be sister-in-law-both my sister-in-laws have been so amazing throughout this process) and they are perfect!!  So chic and sophisticated- I can't wait to put them in the mail for our guests.  I am also beginning communication with my day of coordinator as well.  I am so happy I decided to book a day of coordinator along with my other day of vendors.  Planning all these details was fun and all, but I know the day of the wedding I will be a complete mess and I really want a team of trusted professionals around to make sure all my hard work and planning goes on without a hitch! 

I keep going back and forth about little details like centerpieces, late night snacks for the reception, accessories, and rehearsal dinner options.  I really have to buckle down and start making some of these decisions!  My dress is scheduled to come in this month and I am very excited for my fitting.  I can't wait to have that bad boy in my possession.

I have searched countless online websites and browsed several boutiques weekend after weekend, and I just can't seem to find the perfect jewelry for my bridesmaids.  I am also trying to decide on cute, fun, personalized gifts for them as well.

Here are the earrings and bracelet I am considering so far for my look but of course, I am still undecided!  Someone please help a girl make a decision before I show up wearing spanky pants :)
Potential bridal earrings and bracelet
Let me know what you think about these and help me make a decision once and for all on one element of the nitty, gritty, details.


  1. It's awesome that you're planning your own wedding!
    Enjoy the craziness :) Thanks for sharing.


  2. Planning my own wedding is definitely "crazy" at times but I am enjoying the ride. Thanks for dropping by Taylor :-)



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