Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer, summer, summer time (In my Will Smith voice)

It's not quite summertime yet, but it certainly feels like it!  Today was a bright and sunny Texas style day, one of our main reasons for moving to this great state.  On a side note-this is my last summer as a single lady :)  I also turn the BIG 30 in a little over a month (secretly crying over here) so this is a big summer for me.  I really want to enjoy it and soak up all the little special moments.  One of my girlfriends is moving here in about a month so that should make things fun and interesting.   Lots of new young couples are moving to our neighborhood as well so hopefully some fun poolside parties and new couple friends are in store :)

Random pics from the past couple of weeks starting the summer off right.....

Headed to Adriana's 6th bday party in the park

#Work flow

#Gym flow...time to get in shape for this wedding

Date night headed to see Fast and Furious 6 #pinkonpink

Just us last night

Enjoying Sunday afternoon today at the pool

Future hubby soaking up some sun

Later peeps!

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