Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In 10 days.....

I will no longer apart of the twenties club :(  I will be entering a whole new chapter of my life and turning the big 3-0.  It truly is a bitter sweet feeling.  I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am at 30 and embarking upon this life adventure of becoming a wife.  So in effort to embrace this new chapter in my life instead of crawling into a ball and crying, I made myself a little birthday list here of all the things I long for this July 20th.

1.  Erin Condren Life Planner-  I live for organization and this planner has been on my must-have list for a while.

2. iPhone 5- I have had my iPhone 4 for 2 1/2 years  now and it is time for an UPGRADE immediately.

3. Bronze Michael Kors watch-  I LOVE all things Michael Kors and I have every other color watch of his in my collection except this one so I must add this watch to my collection.

4. Tory Burch sandals- I equally LOVE Tory Burch and would like to have this stylish yet comfy pair of sandals :)

5.  Purple wallet from Urban Outfitters-  My current wallet has HAD it and it is time for a new one and since getting a new Louis Vuitton wallet is out of the question, this one will have to do.  It is cheap, has TONS of compartments, and is my favorite color.  What more could a girl ask for in an inexpensive wallet.

And that's it.  The older I get, the smaller these lists get.  And with planning a wedding, I doubt anyone is willing to shell out too much cash on my bday gifts right now anyway :)  But in case you want to hook a girl up, check out any of these fabulous finds.

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  1. The planner is a necessity! I loved mine this past year! Congrats on {almost} turning 30!


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