Friday, August 2, 2013

Stand by faith

This week was one of the toughest weeks I have had to experience to date in my professional career.  This week I learned that my position was eliminated.  The emotion I felt in that moment and still feel to this day is indescribable.  I moved to Texas only a year and a half ago to work for this organization and I was confident it was the best decision of my life.  Don't get me wrong, I do not regret my decision a single bit but I would be lying to say I am not sad, hurt, angry, confused, uncertain, upset, and fearful.  I sit here and I ask myself what's next?  Luckily, I was offered the opportunity to stay and accept a lower position for the same pay and I thank GOD for that opportunity.  I realize the outcome of this situation could have been much worst as I could be out of a job in the midst of planning a wedding and starting a whole new life with my soul mate.  Regardless, my emotions remain the same and I am shaken up by the events.  I am devastated.  I have done nothing but put my heart and soul into this position and I have worked very hard to get to this point of my career to have the rug yanked from under me.

I watched yesterday as several colleagues had to say their goodbyes without the opportunity to stay on board.  My heart aches for them and it makes me not care so much about my own disappointment as I realize this situation was so much bigger than me.  I could not have changed the outcome.  I did not cause this.  I did everything I could personally do to avoid this. 

I have to stand by faith that GOD will see me through this time of uncertainly.  He will pave my path and I believe with all my heart that what he has in store for me is so much more magnificent than I could ever imagine.  Nothing in his world happens by mistake so although I may not see it now, there is something special in store for me and all of my colleagues nationwide that were affected by this.  It does not take a title to be a leader.  I have always and will always be a leader and no organization can take that away from me.  I am so incredibly blessed to have a fiance who stands by my side no matter what and always knows how to lift me up when I am down.  Without him, I am not sure how I would be able to handle this devastating time in my career.  With my future husband and GOD on my side, I am confident that this too shall pass.

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