Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Long overdue Fall Bucket List

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season!  There are a few things I miss about my hometown of St. Louis and they are my family, the Cardinals, and the fabulous Midwestern Fall.  I love the crisp, fresh air.  The gorgeous leaves.  The baseball games (that I only see via TV now which just IS NOT the same).  This season seriously makes me smile.  So in honor of my favorite season, I thought I would record the many things on my bucket list for the remainder of this year.  This is my way of celebrating all the joys of Fall since I miss out on a lot of its awesomeness by living here in the great state of Texas.

First up, my fall staple pieces....

1.  Every Fall, I buy a new pair of boots and this season I am dying for these super cute pair by Tory Burch.
2.  Chunky sweaters- I live for these in the Fall and Winter months and will be stocking up a few for my casual days.
3.  Time to stock up on lots of cute scarves
4.  Tall socks and leg warmers.  I am a total leggings/skinny jeans, cute top, chunky sweater and riding boots type of gal this time of year.  The look just isn't complete without tons of tall, comfy socks to accompany my riding boots.  LOVE :)
5.  A cute, bright colored coat.  Since moving to Texas from the Midwest, I am really not getting much use out of my many colorful pea coats so it has been on my list for a while to purchase something lighter weight.
6.  A new pair of running shoes.......for my upcoming runs.  I love running outdoors in the Fall.

Next up, things I just have to get done.....

My hubby bought me the Nikon D3100 for my wedding gift from him and I am dying to perfect my photography skills.  I have been researching extensively and taking pictures when I can in my free time but I want to devote a lot more time to my photography skills this season.  I need to purchase a cool bag, external hard drive (quality photos suck up SO much memory on your computer), and a tripod. 

I also want to invest more time with this little space of mine here so I plan to become a lot more active in the blog community- something I just have not done since starting my blog but is long overdue :-)  Speaking of that, be on the lookout for a BRAND NEW look to launch by the beginning of 2014 to help me start my new focus of growing my blog off on the right foot!

Others on the list of things to get done....... update my vision board, and put together our wedding scrapbook.

Third on the list is I have to get back on target with my health and fitness....... 

 1.  Make use of the fabulous new digital Crock Pot we received as a wedding gift.  I pin all these cool Crock Pot recipes on Pinterest and it is about time I actually use them to help us eat healthier this Fall.
2.  To make use of another awesome wedding gift, I want to start juicing!  This is something I have been wanting for a while so I can't wait to use our new juicer to jump start my effort to get back to an active, healthy lifestyle.
3.  Lastly, I want to increase my yoga practice from 1 class a week to at least 2.  I also want to get back into my spinning classes!

Last, but certainly not least on the list....

 I'm a newlywed- so it is only right I place some TLC to my relationship this Fall season!!  I am most excited about this part of the list.

1.  House hunting!!  We have been going strong the past 2 weekends and I am happy to report we have made an offer on our future home!!  We have our first design center appointment 11/15/13 which is so exciting.  So I have lots to do to prepare for our new home like scouting Pinterest for decorating ideas,  design center appointments, and preparing for our move in a few short months.
2.  I have almost officially changed my name on everything, but let's be honest- I still have to change it on several more things so I hope to knock this off the list this season.
3.  Creating a date binder!!  This is something I must get on ASAP as the hubby and I are already developing a nice, comfortable little habit of coming home and reporting to our daily routines and The Mrs just can't have that!  So time to look into a book of fun, creative and inexpensive ideas the hubby and I can do each week to spend quality time together.
4.  I am happy to report that number 4 is complete as of late last week!

Yonkers!  I have my work cut out for me with this list.  So time to sign off so I can get started on fulfilling all of my duties for this fabulous Fall season......


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