Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oh how my life has changed

It has been way too long since I posted on this space of mine.  But I have an excuse!  I have been crazy bananas busy!!!  So let me catch you up!

As you know from one of my last posts, I have gone through some career transitions.  The change in my title has made me even more busy as I now have to make sure I am producing business.  Going from management back into a producing role is quite the transition as you go from having no pipeline to needing to make your goals just like everyone else!  It was quite stressful.  I am happy to report that I came out on top and met my goals my first session back in the game so I was very pleased with the results and it proves that hard work does pay off.

On top of all the changes at my job, I was at the tail end of planning my wedding.  So in the midst of working like crazy, I was working out trying to get in shape for our big day, completing DIY projects, having meetings with the wedding coordinators, and finalizing a slew of final details.  I jetted to St. Louis Labor Day weekend for my bridal shower and bachelorette party which was AMAZING (pics and recaps to come soon) and we turned around a few weeks later and jetted back to St. Louis 9/18/13 to start preparing for our wedding on 9/20/13.

So let's talk briefly about the wedding week (detailed recaps and pics to come soon).  WOW! What a whirlwind!  It was EVERYTHING I dreamed of!

Wednesday, 9/18/13 - The bride and groom arrive in the STL

We ran around like crazy when we landed in St. Louis finalizing things, putting together welcome bags, and applying for our marriage license.  I spent the night with some of my bridesmaids writing on chalkboard signage and completing last minute projects for the reception.

Thursday, 9/19/13 - Rehearsal day!  

I had to drop my wedding dress off to a seamstress to be pressed as I had to stuff it in my carry-on luggage to get it to St. Louis!  I left there and immediately headed to my makeup trial, and then met up with my then-fiance to give him the rental car so he could do things he needed to get done.  I am so glad we do not have to operate off of only one vehicle in real life- that was so stressful!!

My sister in law drove my fiance to meet me at the mall so I could give him the rental car and then she and I headed to the nail salon to meet up with my mom, mother in law, and other bridesmaids for mani/pedi's!  Everyone then had to rush like crazy to get downtown to check into our hotel rooms at The Westin to get ready for rehearsal to make sure we were at the venue by 5:30pm for rehearsal.

We were obviously a little late, lol but the venue was pretty flexible with us considering they had another rehearsal immediately following ours.  It would not be a wedding if rehearsal did not bring forth a little family drama (more details to come).  Despite the hectic day, rehearsal went perfectly and we made it on time to rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal dinner went fabulously!  The food was outstanding and our wedding party loved their gifts we gave them as thanks being apart of our special day.  When we returned to The Westin, the fiance and I said our goodbyes and reported to our separate suites and did not see or speak again until I met him at the alter (so traditional right?!?)

I spent that night in my suite being a goofball with my Maid and Matron of Honor and my cousin which is also a bridesmaid.  I did not get the best sleep that night to say the least :)

Friday, 9/20/13- THE BIG DAY (recaps coming soon of every little detail but here is a very abbreviated version)

People say I was freakishly calm but I was completely on edge on the inside.  Myself, my 8 bridesmaids, and my mom and mother in law spent the morning getting our makeup done and getting beautiful for the 5pm ceremony.  From about 2pm until the rest of the day I feel like I was having an out of body experience.  Everything went by SO fast but at the end of it all I became a new person.  The other half of an amazing man.  My world completely changed forever- I was now a MRS :)

We returned from our amazing reception to a romantically decorated suite at The Westin and we drank champs in the bubble bath and reminisced about the day- what we could remember of it anyway!  We got all of about 1 hour of sleep before we had to get up and jet to the airport for our international flight to Aruba at 7am!!!  We spent 7 magnificent days in paradise and returned back home to Dallas 9/28/13 pretty late.  I sit here now on the last day of my 2 week vacation from work savoring my last day as a stay at home wife.  Back to the real world I go!

Despite a minor hiccup, our wedding was the most magical and perfect day.  We are still getting compliments about it!  I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life and enjoying life as a newlywed.  I am so proud to be his MRS :)

That's all for now- I will be posting lots of pictures and details of the events in the coming weeks.  For now, here is a little sneak peak of my new life.



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