Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Christmas Wish List 2013

Happy Wednesday!  Who doesn't love a good Christmas list?!?!  I remember sitting up for hours, months leading up until Christmas as a little girl putting together my Christmas list- soooo many fun memories!  I decided to share my obviously much more modest Christmas list since the hubby and I decided we no longer wanted to make Christmas all about gifts and such, but to celebrate its true meaning- the birth of Jesus. We also are in full house building mode so we are trying to save as much money as possible to be prepared for any surprises.   But just in case the hubby decides to get me something small or someone else wants to get me anything this year, here is what is on my wish list for 2013 :)

One:  New workout gear from Victoria's Secret.  I am in LOVE with the Knockout tights and Supermodel racer back sports bra.  Any of their fitness line is to die for really- I would love to throw out all my old fitness clothes and replace them with the line at VS.  They are giving Lululemon a run for their $$$

Two:  Adobe Photoshop- I have been wanting a good editing suite ever since I got my new DSLR so I would love to get this.  It is just so darn expensive!

Three:  Naked palette-  I have wanted one of these palette's since last Christmas so I would love to finally get one.  Beautiful and useful colors for everyday use :)

Four:  Kickboxing gear-  I REALLY want to take kickboxing classes but my husband won't let me yet :(  He says he will train me so I guess if I want to still incorporate something like kickboxing into the routine, I need some gloves and mits!  I never mind getting free training sessions from the hubby but he is tough!! 

Five:  Essie nail polish set-  In efforts to cut down on the amount of money I spend on grooming I have started to paint my nails on my own more.  I would love to get new colors and this set is on sale on at
Target :)

Thnx Brandi over at Realities of Brandi  for the idea:)  Linking up with......

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