Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First installment of.......Random Thoughts Tuesday!

So the Random thought of today......How do you channel your emotions so they don't get the best of you- particularly, in the workplace?

Here is what I attempt to do......

1.  Pray about it-  I do my best to turn over what I am feeling to The Lord so that I can seek peace and be productive.

2.  Focus on what you love about your job-  For me, when I am feeling frustrated or emotional about things that are going on at work, I remember all the students I help each and everyday and it puts things in perspective.

3.  Think about the big picture-  remember, more than likely this position or company will not be your last rodeo and there are bigger and better things in store for you :)  This always helps me!  Set your long term goals and make sure you are actively pursuing them.

The truth is that even with the effort I put into practicing the above things, people are still able to tell when something is bothering me.  If something is really bothering me or I have developed a certain emotion about something or someone, it is worn on my sleeve no matter how much I try to hide it.  Such an awful quality!

Anyone else have this problem?  If so, how do you deal with it?  Drop your comments down below :)

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