Sunday, December 8, 2013

For the love of ice storms....

Ice storms= SNOW DAYS!!  Oh how I love a snow day!

Late on Thursday, freezing rain made its way to the DFW metroplex.  Let me start by saying that even the threat of inclement weather in TX send people into a complete frenzy!  So my work closed an hour early to give everyone time to beat the ice on their way home.  By the next morning, the city was completely shut down because of all the ice!  If you are from the North or even the Midwest like me, you would find it comical that the city would shutdown from the little amount of the snow and ice as you can see from the pictures below.  Back home, this is a normal winter day.  In Texas however, this little inclement weather is very dangerous due to the lack of resources such as salt trucks and snow removal equipment.   You definitely do not want to be on the roads out here during conditions like these.

So guess what?!?  That meant I received the entire rest of the week/weekend off from work and other prior obligations were rescheduled allowing me to enjoy a little R & R with my two main men.  We had no cable and internet for a day and a half which sucked, but even on those days without technology, I enjoyed watching movies and reruns of Girlfriends on DVD.   Being without cable, internet, my blog, and Netflix really made things interesting though I must say- I am definitely technology dependent :-)

By mid-day Saturday I finally decided to take a try on the road and ventured downtown to get my hair done.  Boy was that an adventure! 

Today we decided to get up and try to go to church and was surprised to see that even church was cancelled!  The city literally shuts down- it is unbelievable!  So we decided to hang out with our friends and grab lunch and hang out at the mall.  It was nice to get out.

A few candids of the hubby this morning before we headed out for lunch :)

Tomorrow we are back to reality!  I wish everyday was an ice storm to enjoy all this quality time with my hubby and much needed rest from the workplace but we all know that is wishful thinking.


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