Thursday, December 26, 2013

How we spent our Christmas...

A little pic montage of how we celebrated the birth of Jesus!

Despite the fact that we were missing the large majority of our family, I really enjoyed Christmas this year.  Christmas has always been my favorite holiday so away from home is always particularly difficult this time of year.  My husband and I decided that starting this year we were not going to focus on material things which truly made the day extra special.  We started a new tradition and attended the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church which was truly amazing.  My cousin James happened to be in Texas and decided to drive down on Christmas Eve to see us which was a nice touch of home.  I made a big breakfast and enjoyed Christmas day with the boys.  The hubby and I exchanged small, meaningful gifts this year and then spent the rest of the day with our Texas family.  All in all, this Christmas was a pretty special one focused on the birth of Jesus, family, and fellowship. 

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