Sunday, January 19, 2014

Call it what you want
This post is dedicated to my wonderful hubby- luv u!

If you ask my husband, I know nothing about football and I only like the 49ers because of Kaepernick.  I will admit, before Kaepernick I really did not follow a specific football team; however, I DO know about football! Most basic things anyway :)  So what if Kaepernick brought me to this team.  I have grown to like some of the other players too :)

My husband also thinks I have no clue what is going on with the 49ers season right now because he doesn't see me glued to the television watching the games but I beg to differ.  I've been telling him all season I follow everything that is going on with them via Infographics (see graphic from the right).  It's the perfect stats update for a gal who is does not follow everything that is going on with the team via TV.  (see, hubby.  I know a thing or two about how to get my football updates)

A little history- At the beginning of football season, I promised my husband, who is a total sports fanactic that I was going to have a team to follow so I wasn't left out all the time on the conversations. Then, a fan was born.   Band wagoner, not a real fan, so on and so forth- call it what you want!  My reasons for becoming a 49ers fan may be unorthodox, but at least I am now finally the proud fan of a NFL organization. It has taken me 30 years to follow football, so I say, cut a girl some slack regarding how it all started :)

You have my prediction early.  San Francisco will win the conference and ultimately the SuperBowl.   Looks like my prediction was incorrect :(  But San Franscisco still has a fan in me.  And what was with Sherman's post interview?!?!  Really, dude?  With that reaction, I hope the Broncos have you for breakfast in the SuperBowl.  #StillTeamColinKaepernick

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