Saturday, January 4, 2014

Design Inspiration- Part 3, The Living Room

This week, I move onto a very important space in the house- the living room.  The living room is a focal point of any home so it is another really important space in our new home.  This room is one that every visitor that enters your home will see, so it is honestly the hardest room for me to find inspiration because I want it to be perfect!

About my vision for our living room

I want our living room to be stylish, cozy, and as spacious as possible.

A few must-haves for our living room include:
  • accent wall
  • one sofa, and two chairs
  • large area rug
  • End tables with lamps
  • built-in bookcase
  • television above the fireplace
  • throw pillows in accent color/patterns
  • large ottoman or coffee table
  • dark hardwood floors of course :)
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