Saturday, January 11, 2014

Design Inspiration-Part 4, The Dining Room

The dining room is a tough one for me because I really am not a "formal dining room" gal.  I definitely believe every home should have an area where the family can gather over a good meal though so although our new home does not have a formal dining room, we have a designated space for a table which is all I really want anyway! 

About my vision for our dining room

For our dining room, I want it to be cohesive with the living room since our floor plan is open concept.  A table that seats at least 6 is a must-have, stylish chairs, accent rug, wall art, and a nice centerpiece.  That's all I really need in a dining room.

A few must-haves for our dining room include:
  • accent wall
  • centerpiece
  • large area rug
  • art and pictures
  • fun, pattern fabric chairs
  • curtains
  • dark hardwood floors of course :)
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  1. Gasping for air on these pics. I started decorating in 9th grade. Its always been my thing! Now that im redecorating the home front, im even more excited when I see pics of inspuration! Love these. Side note I have a round table in the dining area and would love a really pretty shaggy rug. But these people dont know how to eat at the table :-(


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