Saturday, January 18, 2014

Design Inspiration- Part 5, The Guest Room

The guest room is going to be really easy but may be one of the last rooms we get around to finishing off since the other rooms are going to take precedent when we first move in.
About my vision for our guest room

For our guest room, I want clean and serene environment for our guests.  Since this room will rarely be in use, it will be much easier to maintain a hotel-like display. 

A few must-haves for our guest room include:
  • All white bedding - something I would LOVE to have in the master but have never been able to pull off
  • Wall art
  • Simple furniture
  • curtains
  • Cool lamp
  • I'm thinking taupe, gray, or brown walls but still thinking on it
As a reminder, my design inspiration series is simply to share designs/decor that I love to give me inspiration when I begin decorating our new home soon.  The photos in these posts are not intended to be an exact replica of how our home will be decorated as our floor plan and other aesthetics are not identical to all the pictures.  The photos I choose for the posts do however include bits and pieces of all the things I list in my "must-haves" for what I plan to do in our actual home so I do my best to select photos that are as close to our floor plan as possible.   These posts are meant to share my design/decor inspirations and tastes so that I can hopefully help other home owners find inspiration who may read them :)
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