Saturday, January 25, 2014

Design Inspiration- Part 6, The Loft

The loft is going to be an interesting room to decorate because it is basically going to be a multipurpose room in our home.  We want to use this space for entertainment, as well as incorporate some office space in this area.  Multipurpose rooms are kind of scary because if you are not careful the room can end up looking like a big, unorganized mess.

About my vision for our loft area

For our loft, I want it to be a relaxed place for watching movies, playing games, and to house our computers and other miscellaneous things.  Most importantly, I want the space to be functional, fun and not overcrowded.

A few must-haves for our loft include:
  • media related wall art
  • large area rug
  • unique desk area to accommodate both my husband and I
  • curtains
  • sectional sofa
  • lots of pillows
  • very large television
  • 5.1 built in surround sound
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