Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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My take on Being Mary Jane....

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Like many fans of Gabrielle Union, I tuned into the 2 hour mini-movie several months ago when we learned that she had a new show debuting on BET.  As someone who rarely tunes into BET for several reasons, I was excited about this show and to see Gabby starring in it.  I really enjoyed the mini-movie they used to tease and promote the series over the summer.  The storyline was very raw, and really intriguing and seeing one of my favorite actresses in this type of role was definitely exciting.

Fast forward to present day.  My opinion of the popular show has changed quite a bit.  I still love Gabby and that is why I continue to tune back in week after week.  I keep hoping the storyline is going to head in a different direction but to my disappointment they are still dragging out this love affair between her and this married fella.  It would be one thing if the affair was just one element of the show similar to Scandal, but the entire storyline has been about her weakness and inability to stop having an affair with this man.  The sex scenes between her and this guy quite honestly really disturb me - not sure if it is because I am married and it really bothers me to see an adulteress relationship being played out so explicitly but I really hate seeing it.  Her life seems very depressing and watching her be so weak each week is really starting to taint my opinion of the show.

I hope tonight's show finally turns in a different direction and focuses on more than her mistress activities.  Otherwise, as much as I love Gabby I am not sure I can continue watching the character Mary Jane Paul be such a weak and pathetic home wrecker.

Anyone else watch the show?  What is your opinion of the character Mary Jane Paul?

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