Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentine's Day Wish List!

My husband is a complete cynic when it comes to Valentine's day.  Seriously, he hates it but I know I am not the only girl who gets giddy over the cliche day and I am sure my husband is not the only man out there who despises the shenanigans.

While I understand his dislike for the commercial and pagan holiday, I am hoping since this is our very first Valentine's day as a married couple he will just want to make his wife happy- no matter how corny or commercial the holiday is and bite his tongue lol.  A grand gesture of some sort maybe?  Ha, I know that is highly unlikely so I thought I would appease myself with this little list of reasonable and very normal gestures should he be struggling for ideas  ;) 

My absolute favorite flower -lilies!  I would love special delivery of these pretties as they would brighten my office right up!

And if he wants to go all out, I have been dying for a new yoga mat and yoga pants from Lululemon.  I also really need a new, sassy pair of black, ankle strap pumps like the ones pictured above (  While we are at it, a sassy new black lace undie set from Vickie's would fit the bill as well!  Lastly, I have been craving Maggiano's for a while now, so I nice dinner date that Saturday night would be great.  Notice I did not say dinner on Valentine's day right??  Even I, don't like to eat at over-crowded restaurants on Valentine's day.  I would rather go the next night when we can actually hear each other speak.  Besides, our church is hosting a great evening of music, dinner, and dancing on Valentine's day :)

What's on your wish list this Valentine's day?  

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