Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome to the Jet Life!

Thanks to Mike, one of my husband's clients, I got to ride in a jet for the first time.  He owns Plane Smart! Aviation and gifted us with our own private jet for the day as our wedding gift.  Seeing Dallas from a birds eye view was such an amazing experience. 

The hubby even got the chance to fly!  I think he wants to be a pilot now :)  That's him flying in the middle picture below.  And to the far right is an ariel view of Dion Sander's compound in Prosper, TX!

This is easily one of the best dates ever.  Quality time and enjoying a day of jet life with my main squeeze- just doesn't get much better!


  1. What?! is this even real life?! that looks like way too much fun!


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