Saturday, February 1, 2014

Design Inspiration-Part 7, The outdoor space

The backyard in our new home is small.  Very small.  One thing about new home communities that are not pricey custom home builds is you definitely sacrifice on the amount of outdoor space you get.  Additionally, the homes are so close together that is makes it privacy a challenge.  Although decking out the backyard is probably one of the very last things we will do, I have lots of ideas on how to make our small space unique.  I have sacrifice on some things I really want in an outdoor space such as a pool or waterfall because we just don't have the space to accomplish such a project.  Not to mention, it would cost an arm and a leg!  So since this is our first home, we have to sacrfice and work with what you have :)

                                            About my vision for our outdoor space

For our backyard, I want it to be an area we can really enjoy in the warmer months with family and friends.  I want it to be a peaceful, tranquil place and a space our dog, Bentley can run around in. 

A few must-haves for our backyard include:
  • extended covered patio
  • kitchen area
  • privacy trees
  • professional landscaping
  • small garden
  • a walkway from the patio to garden area
  • nice patio furniture
  • a fire pit
  • ceiling fan and TV on the patio hopefully
  • enough green area left for the scenery or to fit playground equipment for when we have a little one in the future :)
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