Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our wedding card box and details on how you can make one too!

I searched everywhere for the perfect box to hold the cards we would receive at our wedding and I never found one that matched what I was looking for.  Fed up with the hunt, I decided to bite the bullet and make my own!  Here is the finished product on display at our wedding reception....

So let me tell you why I decided to make our card box myself and how I came up with the design.  Our wedding theme was shabby-chic, with an elegant and romantic twist so I wanted something that embodied all those elements together.  I had lots of chalkboards throughout the day for signage and I wanted the card box to have that same shabby feel to it so the black is actually chalkboard paint!  On the back flap, I drew a large purple heart with our wedding date and initials inside it for a personalized touch.  Our engagement photo attached to the flap also helped with the personalization.  The silver sash and bow I added to give it some chic and elegance.  I chose silver because our wedding colors were amethyst, fuchsia and gray/silver so the sash helped to bring some of that into the card box!

  DIY chalkboard wedding card box instructions....

What you will need:

Cardboard box with lid
Cardboard book
Silver, sparkly ribbon
Silver craft flower
Popsicle sticks
2 cans spray on chalkboard paint (you will use about a can and a half for this large sized card box)
Paper grocery store bags or newspaper
Masking tape
Hot glue gun
Exacto knife
Wooden alphabet letters
Glue dots

Step One:

Start by drawing an opening for the cards into the lid of the cardboard book.  Take the exacto knife and cut to make an opening.  Then take the cardboard book and place it on top of the cardboard box lid and trace to prepare to cut an additional opening on the lid.  Once prepared, proceed with cutting an opening in the cardboard box lid with the exacto knife.

Step Two:

Now that you have that taken care of, you will need to go outside and prepare your space for the painting by laying down plenty of paper grocery store bags or newspaper, whichever you have one hand.  Tape the paper bags or newspaper down with masking tape to keep from flying away.

Step Three:

Lay out your cardboard box with the lid, cardboard book, alphabet letters to spell out CARDS, 4 popsicle sticks, and anything else you need to paint with the chalkboard spray paint (I had a few large H's for the reception tables that I also painted during this project).

Step Four:

Following the directions on the spray paint can, begin your first coat of paint on all the materials.   Be careful to spray evenly!  Wait about an hour and coat everything with another coat of paint.  You should also spray your [opsicle sticks during this time.

Step Five:

Allow time for the paint to fully dry (approx. 4 hours).

Step Six: Assembly time!

Heat up your hot glue gun and start making a frame around your picture (we chose a vintage look from our engagement shoot) by gluing the four popsicle sticks around the perimeter of the photo.  Once that is dry, glue the framed photo the top, inside flap of your cardboard book.  Allow that time to secure.

Step Seven:

Next, line up the slits in the cardboard lid and cardboard book.  Once you have them aligned, lift of the cardboard book and cover the cardboard lid with hot glue.  Realign the bottom of the cardboard book on top of the lid.  Press and hold for about a few minutes to secure.

Step Eight:

Once that is together nice and tight, gather up your alphabet letters.  Along the top edge of the cardboard box lid, glue and secure the letter C.  Space evenly, and glue and secure the A.  Followed by the R, D, and S.  Make sure there is even space between the letters and that the letters a secure.  Set this aside to allow additional dry time while you work on the final step.

Step Nine:
Take your silver, sparkly ribbon and measure out enough to fit around the middle section of your cardboard box.  Once you have enough ribbon measured out, go ahead and cut it from the roll.  Next, align the ribbon around the middle section of your cardboard box again and secure in place with a glue dot.  Place the silver craft flower over the closure of the ribbon.  Add two glue dots to the back of the silver craft flower and secure it in place over the closure of the ribbon.

Step Ten: 

Lastly, take your chalk and draw whatever you would like to on the back of the cardboard book flap behind your photo.  I chose a heart with an arrow through it with our wedding date in the middle drawn in our wedding colors.  Once you have your special touch on the back, place the lid on back onto the box. 

And there you have it!  A simple, elegant, personalized chalkboard wedding card box!  


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