Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Random Thoughts Tuesday

It is official.  We have moved out of our apartment.  Our very first home here in Dallas.  And did I mention our house is still not ready.  That brings me to today's thoughts......


I HATE moving.  The end result is obviously always pleasant.  It is everything leading up to it that is frustrating.  The organizing, donating, packing. Deciding what to keep versus what to throw out.   All of it.  It is truly just not fun.  Something about placing your entire life into boxes and then taking it all back out again is just.....NOT FUN.

On a positive note.  We are temporarily living with my brother-in-law and his family which is a great blessing.  I am enjoying having a live-in sister so far and getting to know my brother-in-law and nephew better.  So that is the silver lining :)

Moving also makes me realize how much I like to hold on to the past because I seriously have way too much stuff.  No matter how many bags of crap I throw out and donate to Goodwill, I still have way too much left.  Something tells me I am holding on to things that need to go.  The end result is moving into a lovely home in a few more months but I definitely think I will be donating and throwing out a lot more stuff before then.  Time to close old chapters and open a new one.  Fresh start :)

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