Thursday, March 13, 2014

Looking for a little inspiration?

Look no further!

Here are 10 inspirational quotes/phrases that will get you through anything.....

One.  If the people around you are not adding value to your life, what the heck do you need them for?!?!  You can do bad all by yourself.
Two.  As a person who thinks A LOT, reading this always puts into perspective that worrying does not help the situation one bit.  Worrying about it is not going to change the outcome so you may as well have some peace.
Stop worrying!

Three.  I live by this.  I love being me and believe that uniqueness is beautiful.  What everyone else thinks or feels about me is really none of my business.


Four.  Be aware.  The scariest types of enemies are the ones who pretend to love you.  I learned this lesson a few times.
Best Friend Quotes And Sayings | Best Friends Quotes | My Quotes Home - Quotes About Inspiration

Five.  Attitude is EVERYTHING. It will make you or break you.

Six. Only God.  There is no storm strong enough he cannot bring you through. 
only god

Seven.  Forgive.  But never forget.  Speaking for myself, once I am burned once it is very hard for me to let that person back in.  Trust is very hard thing to repair
So true my friends, forgive but ABSOLUTELY NEVER forget.... It'll get you stabbed in the back.

Eight.  Being afraid of change will hurt you more than staying stuck in a situation that you should not be in.

Nine.  Trust his plan. 

Ten.  Keep trying.  Keep grinding.  Never give up.
Move Forward Quote

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