Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Tired. Seriously, I am so exhausted.  Between moving last weekend and a hectic work week, I am simply all out of gas.

I am also attempting to get prepared  for the lent season.  Not sure what I am going to give up just yet but I am strongly leaning towards social media (with the exception of this blog and its associated Pinterest and FB pages).  I am not all that into social media anyway so Lent season is a very good reason for me not to log on and check it for 40 days :) 

That's really it for today.

Stay positive and prayerful,


  1. I decided to give up all meats besides fish for lent this year. Last year I gave up twitter and every since then I havent been really active on there. Sending positive vibes your way beautiful!

  2. Charlie, I eliminated all red meat at the start of the new year and I honestly have never felt better! I think you will enjoy the benefits of a little to no meat diet and your body will definitely thank you for it to where you won't desire it anymore :) Sending positive vibes right back at ya!


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