Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Hey there!  I realized I often have a lot more to say during these random thoughts posts so I wanted to switch things up a bit! Random Thoughts Tuesday will appear from here on out in a new and improved format.  I hope you enjoy!



Love this monogrammed bracelet!! Click photo for more info.

Watch it 

If you do not watch The Bachelor, boy did you miss out on witnessing the biggest douche in history of the show.  Watch this clip to see how it ends with Clare.  


I am excited about decorating our new home soon.  I have discovered some really great interactive tools to help me put rooms together virtually and having lots of fun with it.  Loving new designs over at West Elm and they have a cool interactive room builder tool you can find here http://westelm.icovia.com/icovia.aspx

On my wish list

I really want a pair of barefoot sneakers for running like the ones below.  These have great reviews and are very affordable.  Click photo for where you can find them.  


Inspired by 

I really loved this post found at mothersniche.com.  The little things really do make a big difference in a relationship.  Whether it is husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, mother and daughter, so on and so forth, every person loves to feel loved and appreciated.  I think we all are guilty of letting the routine of life get in the way of telling those special to us just how much they mean to us.  How much they matter.  Not telling them sometimes, but ALL the time.  This is something I definitely want to be more cognizant of and something I hope those closet to me will make the extra effort to reciprocate.  It is so easy to start taking those closest to you for granted and this article really reminded me of that! 

Pure Randomness 

As a lemon lover, I really want to plant a lemon tree in our backyard.  I love the taste, look, and smell lemons.  I never thought to plant the seeds from my lemons but having a lemon seed tree sounds pretty awesome sauce!  See below and click the link for more info!


That is all for this week.  I hope you like the new format :-)

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