Thursday, March 6, 2014

This was fun

If you know me, you know I have a few passions besides my love for Jesus and my family and that is photography, writing, graphic & interior design, and pretending to be a chef so this was the perfect side project for me to do during my downtime today at work.

I have been wanting to put together virtual rooms since I started browsing for inspiration for the rooms in our new house but since I don't have the proper software, I haven't played around with it.  Until today.  When I decided to play around with PowerPoint to put together a virtual room.  Still not a graphic design wizard by any stretch, but putting a virtual room together was a lot of fun!  And to think I did this using measly old PowerPoint I can only imagine how cool I can get these to look when I get the right software!  I am going to enjoy perfecting this skill while I imagine room themes and create them virtually before going out and actually purchasing everything.  This is a very helpful way to see a room come together before making it official :) 

Here is a room idea I played around with today using a gray, chocolate and turquoise color scheme.  Excuse the "bootleg" look but I was literally just playing around and seeing what I could get PowerPoint to do.  I definitely like the color scheme but I think I can put something together even better once I find all the right pieces so I look forward to tweaking this look until I get it just right.  I want to incorporate some burgundy and yellow into this vision somehow so I have to keep searching the net for right pieces to bring everything together.

Thanks to my job, I just downloaded the entire Adobe Creative Suite for $10! Just have to figure out how to use it properly because it is a lot to learn.   All I need now is Lightroom to help my photography look more professional which I hope to have very soon.  Editing and graphic software is just so expensive I haven't bit the bullet yet.  I am pretty confident my hubby will get it for me soon though.  He always surprises me with the things I need to bring my true passions to life.  Got to love a supportive hubby :)

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