Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Random Thoughts Tuesday


Loving these maxi looks found on Chic Dresses and Blog HeartThis is my spring/summer staple look for going out and about!  Dressy with a touch of casual :)

Watch it 

This is DISGUSTING.  I feel awful for this poor dog.


Our home was completely bricked this week!!  Progress!

On my wish list

This super cute iPad stand for the kitchen.  Can't wait to pick one of these up so I can watch Netflix while cooking in the new kitchen. 

Inspired by


An emergency fund is a necessity.  I was inspired by Melissa's article on different ways to stack up those emergency funds quickly.

Pure Randomness 

Photo Credit: TheObamaCat.com
The controversial topic of colorism remains a huge issue in the African American community.  This is typically a subject I like to avoid but it was on my mind today after reading the above article so I thought I would address it head on.  So that I do not get to long winded on this topic, I am going to breakdown my issues with this topic in a few points:

  • African Americans remain more discriminatory toward one another than any other race will ever be towards us which is extremely sad.  We seem to be one of the only races that has the issue of the lighter you are, somehow you are better, prettier, etc.  Maybe I am bias, but I think there are so many beautiful darker complected people around the world and whether you a light or dark complected is irrelevant towards you beauty.  Features and spirit make beauty.  Not the color of your skin.  Didn't we get the memo people after Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech?  I guess not.  Martin Luther King Jr. clearly didn't think this was an issue among our own race.
  • As a woman of darker complexion, I have been "praised" by men and women of my own race for being "pretty for a darker skinned girl" which I have always found an extremely ignorant and offensive comment.  I actually never hear this comment from other races.  I am so glad that I personally never let these type of comments make me question my worth and beauty but I know the issue is real and so many girls/women do struggle with it. 
  • The fact remains that we developed this judgement from somewhere.  I just wonder when or if we will ever get over it?  I pray we do.  For the future generations to come. 
These are my opinions, views, and experiences with the issue of colorism.  I respect the opinions of all and realize not every person will share the same view or experience so all I can ask is the same respect is regarded to me when reading this :)

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