Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Random Thoughts Tuesday


Photo Credit: Inthebuffandblue.tumblr.com

I am been on the hunt for a nice pair of distressed jeans like these!

Watch it


I really, really hope he is forced to sell his team.  From what I am hearing, he is going to have to pay a hefty fine and is banned from all NBA games.  Serves him right!


Our house is coming along.  We now have tile, cabinets, lighting, and ceiling fans! Exciting to see it get to this point.

On my wish list

With the house nearing completion, I have been hunt for pretty much everything you can imagine to make our house a home and I came across these adorable throw pillows that would be perfect for the bench that will go in our entryway!  I love these!

Inspired by 

My cute and precious little fur baby, Bentley has recently become a lot to handle.  Don't get me wrong, he has always been rambunctious but lately he is being downright disobedient and it has become very frustrating for me.  I have debated putting him back through puppy training and just starting over until I was recommended to give the remote dog training collar a try.  I have seen the collar in action and I am really inspired to give this a shot with our little one to get him back on track.  I am praying it works!!

Pure Randomness 

I LOVE grapefruits.  Most people don't care for the taste; but I personally think they taste divine.  And they are a natural fat burner!  What's not to love?!?

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