Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Random Thoughts Tuesday


I absolutely LOVE Chanel but I with the new house on the horizon, I honestly can't afford a single thing Chanel :(  But this backpack is from their Spring collection and I would love to have it.  I am always toting around a ton of random things from my iPad to my Nikon to my latest book, and would love to have a stylish backpack like this to keep everything in!

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Our house is completely bricked and we are scheduled to close in early June!

On my wish list

I think this necklace is adorable and would not be upset if Mr. H got it for me :)

Photo Credit: KateSpade.com

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I love reading articles like this one.

Pure Randomness 

Be careful with your actions as they speak so much louder than your words.  Not to mention, they hurt.

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