Thursday, April 3, 2014

The latest on the winter book list....

Soo I am still not finished with Summer in the City by Candace Bushnell.  Ridiculousness.  It is a really slow read and not the typical page turner I am used to with the other Sex in the City novels.  It's not like me to not finish something I start, but unfortunately I am about to move on from this before it is actually summer in the city and I am still on the first book of my winter reading list smh.  I am sure I will pick it back up at some point to see how it ends but for now it is just time to move on.  Next up, I think I will knock out The Hunger Games.  This is another thing I typically don't do.  I almost NEVER see a movie series before having read the books.  In my opinion, the movies never measure up to the book.  I am ready to complete these 6 books because I already have some good titles I am excited about for my summer reading list :)

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