Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Random Thoughts Tuesday


I love this!  Thinking about this for the gallery wall that will be in our new entryway. 

Photo Credit: Aimeeweaverdesigns.com

Watch it 

I am sure you guys have seen or heard this already, but I couldn't help myself.  What in the world?!?



We are scheduled to close on the house May 28th at 12:00pm!!  I can't believe we are finally to the point of closing.  Praying things go smoothly from here. 

On my wish list


I am OBSESSED with these bags and really, really want one as my next splurge purchase.  Or if anyone is looking for a bday gift idea for me (hint, hint hubby), this is just what I want!  I have been looking for a new bag and since Chanel is out of the question right now, Celine is right up my alley!  I love the sleekness and clean lines and that camel one is TOO DIE FOR!  Gorgeous bags!

Inspired by 

Flourish Women's conference 2014!  Wow!  I am so happy I decided to attend this conference.  I left the conference feeling empowered and closer to my Lord and Savior than ever before.  I was most inspired by Pastor Sara Conner.  If you have never heard of this phenomenal women or heard her speak before, you are truly missing out!  She is EVERYTHING!  I love the Flourish journal I received at the conference and plan to share some of the great information it has in it in the coming weeks with you all via the blog!

Pure Randomness 

The most recent list of best and worst paying jobs in America.   Nothing has changed.  Go figure.

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