Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Random Thoughts Tuesday


This is too freakin adorable!  I want one for Bentley.

Photo credits: brookstone.com
Watch it 

I am totally on your side on this Stephen. 



The hubs and I are hitting the road this week for our friend's destination wedding in Destin, FL and will be hitting up New Orleans on the way back.  Super excited for a weekend getaway and to watch them say "I DO"!

On my wish list

Photo credit: Macys.com
This looks SOOO relaxing!  A definite must-have on my home shopping list.

Inspired by 

This article is a good reminder that it is okay to wait to start a family. 

Pure Randomness

So the hubby and I were out appliance shopping this weekend to take advantage of the Memorial Day sales and the tax free incentive for purchasing energy-efficient appliances.  We decided on a Kenmore washer and dryer set from Sears and headed back over there last night after shopping through several other stores for the best value.  Please tell me why we ended up at Sears for over 2 hours and left without purchasing our appliances because their computers froze in the middle of the transaction?  Please tell me why $1200 of our funds are held up because that portion of the payment had already processed before the computer froze so we couldn't exactly just repeat the transaction or go somewhere else?  Please tell why they were trying to keep our debit card as hostage to ensure they still get the $1200 in the event the money miraculously appeared back in our account if they proceeded with completing the transaction??  Of course we WERE NOT having that.  So now they have to honor the same deal and give us an additional $50 off for our inconvenience once our missing $1200 is debited back to our account so we can complete the purchase.  Talk about a hassle though.  #getittogethersears #upgradeyourtechnology

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