Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Random Thoughts Tuesday

I know I have been MIA.  I apologize.  This summer has been very "eventful" to say the least and I am finally getting back around to a somewhat normal routine.  So it's Tuesday and it is time for some good old RANDOM Thoughts :)


I have been searching for something different to do with my hair for the summer and I settled for this.  What you think?  It was inspired by the hair on the left!

Watch it  

.....?  #thatisall


Less than two months remain before the MR and I celebrate our one year anniversary as husband and wife!

On my wish list
Photo credit: overstock.com

I want two of these to go at the foot of our bed!

Inspired by

DIY furniture.  I am really inspired to recreate these super cute mirrored nightstands.  They charge top dollar for these in the stores and plenty of people are pulling them off on their own.  I totally think I can do this!

Photo credit: thesteenstyle.com
Pure Randomness

At church this Sunday, Pastor Amie challenged us to think about what we would be doing if money and paychecks were not a factor.  She told the story of the first disciplines presented in the bible.  The hidden message of the story- which is told in Luke by the way, is we cannot be fearful once Jesus blesses us with that ultimate desire to leave it all behind and follow him.  Following him is the reason he blesses us so we grow closer to him as disciples and not further away.  He blesses with the desires of our heart to "free" us to do his will.  She asked us what the one wish is we pray we will be blessed with at this point in our life is.  After reflecting over this, I can truly say for me it is simple. The single one thing I would do if money and paychecks were not a factor is to teach others in some way, which includes teaching my own children and becoming a mom.  Hands down.  That is the one wish I pray I am blessed with.  I can't wait to raise up God-fearing children who can go out and become blessings to this world because I truly believe that is why he blesses us with children.  There are SO many ways I could teach others, including my own children while doing his will if I were blessed to fulfill this desire.  So I ask the same question to you:  What is your hearts ultimate desire and what would you want to do if money and paychecks were not a factor?  And once you are blessed with it, how will you grow closer to him in your walk through that blessing?

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