Thursday, September 25, 2014

One Year Anniversary!!!

This past weekend we celebrated our one year anniversary!

We made it!  Whew......wipes my head.  I am laughing on the inside but very serious :)  Year one of marriage is not for the weak.  Your love can and will be tested.  

You are going through so many adjustments trying to merge from living as two individuals into living as one married unit.  I can now say from experience that the first year of marriage is indeed tough.  But if the first year was the hardest year as the age old tale says- boy do I look forward to what is ahead!  All in all, I recap our first year as one spent learning.  Learning more about what makes the other one happy and learning each others true expectations of one another now that you are a married unit.  Enjoying lots of awesome moments like purchasing your first home together.  Taking on a new identity- not as two individuals but as one body through Christ.  I honestly loved every moment of this first year of marriage- the high's and those not so great moments.  I can't wait for what is in store in the years to come because the good far exceeds anything bad when I am riding this road with my bestie.

We took a few days off of work to enjoy a true "staycation" to celebrate this very special occasion.

So let's recap! ( excuse all the crappy iPhone pics.  I left my camera at home :( )

Thursday we started the morning off with a workout together at Orange Theory Fitness.  This was both of our first time there and all in all I think it is a great concept.  Lots of movement.  Boot camp style.  If only I was able to finish :(  

See what had happened was.....hehe.  I got a little dehydrated and basically had an "almost" blackout episode but I felt something strange happening to my body and stopped in time to prevent it.  I had everyone pretty freaked out-  I was seeing stars and the entire room was blurry and spinning for about 20 minutes until I finally came back around.  Not an awesome start to our vacation huh.....

Well things only got better from there.  I spent the remainder of that day pampering myself with a visit to my hair stylist and my eyebrow gal to freshen up those thangs.  We enjoyed movies and takeout chinese food for that night- low key ending after my near death experience earlier that morning.

Friday we did some fun activities around town!  Visited the DFW Gun Range and the Dallas Aquarium.  We ended that night with a good dinner with friends at Maggiano's at Northpark.  We also had a nice 1 1/2 couple's massage.

Saturday (our anniversary) the hubs took our fur baby to his cousin Jackson's for the day/night and surprised me with a staycation at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine.  It was really nice!  The perfect little getaway without having to drive too far or catch a flight. We did a little shopping and enjoyed a day at the pool and ended the night with a romantic dinner, music, and lots of long conversations on our room balcony.  My anniversary gift was amazing and totally not expected- a second matching wedding band for my ring! Oh, and we had our fence stained :)


Sunday we enjoyed brunch on the Riverwalk inside the resort.  We picked up the fur baby and spent quality time at home which carried over into Monday as well. 


Good times with a good man.

My overall takeaways and advice from the first year of marriage are .....
  •   LOVE HARD on your spouse.  You both really need the support and attention. Don't worry about  how the other is acting or feeling.  Don't do the tit for tat thing.  Don't be afraid to give a little more when you really don't want to because your spouse is moody
  • Be spontaneous.....both spouses need a little adventure in their life and want to feel appreciated and special
  • Don't sweat the small stuff
  • Enjoy the MOMENT.  Timing is everything when discussing heavy topics
  • Keep GOD first
  • Understand that at any given moment, one of the two of you will always feel like you are doing more for the relationship than the other.  Except it.  Don't let that feeling make you stop trying to impress your spouse
  • Be mature and able to handle what each other has to say
  • Always respect one another even if you disagree
  • Don't get too really does ruin the spontaneity.  Keep your spouse on their toes :)

Special thank you to my MR for loving me unconditionally and putting up with my shenanigans.  Love you!

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