Friday, September 5, 2014

You Should Do This, Don't.......

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You should do this.....Get married.  When you find that special someone, you should totally go ALL in and live in holy matrimony as one with your best friend.  It is the most special relationship you will ever embark on throughout your life.  Once you jump the broom, cherish and nurture your relationship.  Respect your partner in every aspect of the word.  Marriage is a lot of work but boy is it fun!  Marriage is so beautiful. But it is also hard work.  Don't take it lightly.  I love marriage so I really think you should do this........with the right person though who treats you well.  And with Jesus at the center.  Because if you don't want your marriage to end in divorce you really need to stay prayed up so you stand a chance when times get tough. 

Therefore, DON'T stay in a marriage that tears down your spirit and breaks you down as a person. Someone who abuses who mentally or physically.  Someone who devalues you and makes you question your self worth.  Someone who is with you conditionally. 

Divorce really should not be an option unless there are extenuating circumstances.  I don't believe in divorce, prenuptial agreements, or any other modern day mumbo jumbo that gives people an easy get out of jail free card when times get hard.  I do however believe everyone deserves peace in their life and to be with someone who loves, honors, cherishes, and respects them no matter what.  Don't allow anyone to break you down, disrespect you, and treat you like crap- not even your spouse.  Stand up for yourself.  If you are in a unhappy marriage, put your relationship under new management.  The management of Jesus.  The man upstairs can heal the most broken of situations so if you are in this situation, you need to seek him because he can heal ALL THINGS.  But without him, you don't stand a chance.

This post is part of a 30 day writing challenge going on the month of September #flowersinthewild

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  1. Hi from Canada! Saw this post! It is good to remove all baggage even from our generations before the marriage. As always let God be the matchmaker. The enemy loves to send a counterfeit just before your Boaz is coming! Blessings Dr. Gail


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