Monday, January 12, 2015

House Hunters Air- Date!!

It's official folks.  Set your DVR's and tune in to watch the hubby and I hunt for our home.  It seems like so long ago when we were shooting for this episode.  I am excited yet very nervous to see how it turned out. 

Below is our blurb on the HGTV website-

Dallas Newlyweds Hope to Find a Modern-Meets-Craftsman Home

De'Andre and Tasha are newlyweds buying their first home in the North Dallas suburbs. She wants a Craftsman style home with all the built-ins and character they come with, but it has to be new construction with contemporary features, too. De'Andre wants modern design, a work-out room, and a big game room to watch sports with his friends. Does a house like that exist?
See Tune-In Times

Upcoming Airings

  • Tuesday
    Jan 20
    10pm | 9c 

You can see the information here as well at this link:

Now remember- we have not seen the episode either so the suspense is real!  #Ihopetheydon'tmakemesoundbratty #IhopeIdon'tlookfat

But is all seriousness, we are blessed to have had the opportunity to document such a big moment in our lives.  It was a lot of fun and a true taste into the world of "reality" TV :)


  1. I just saw your episode and loved it! I'm glad you guys chose the new build, I don't know why she even showed you the other two homes. Wish you the best with everything and I look forward to following your Blog!

    1. Hey Ninah! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I look forward to seeing you around the blog :)

  2. I just watched your episode in my personal finance class. I was just wondering, do you still wish you had an office? Also, hows your husband's game room going?

    1. Really?!? I actually do still wish I had a dedicated office but I did make our third bedroom into an office/craft room for the time being so I kind of got what I wanted in the end. At least until we have kids and I have to convert my office to a nursery! The hubby's game room is going really well! It is one of my fav rooms in the house as well. Thanks for stopping by :)


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