Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I'm Guilty!

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There.  I said it.  I am one of those pyscho Bachelor Nation fans.  Yep. One of those people.  Who wastes 2 hours each Monday night for weeks the beginning of each new year to watch some sucker find love.  But hey- I am a sucker for this show.  Even though I know a lot of it is complete BS.  I just have to watch to predict who is there "for the right reasons."  It is so entertaining to me!  I totally buy all into it each season and have become very good and picking the winner.  Hence why I am writing this blog post.  I am hoping some of the readers out there of the blog share this guilty pleasure with me so I have someone to talk with about the show!

Let me start by saying they dug up folks from few and far between this season- 30, yes 30 fully grownup crazies competing for love on national television .  Some of the women are clearly only there for their 5 minutes of fame.  That Ashley S. finally was eliminated this week- I SING HALLEJUAH.  She was such an entertaining woman with her shenanigans.  I think the network kept her around for pure laughs.  Oh, and speaking of Ashley's, Ashley I.- please stop playing the virgin card and acting like a 15 year old high school girl with your constant whining.  It is also time for her to go along with several others for varying reasons.  This post would go on for days if I gave a recap on them all and their issues lol. 

Bachelor fans.....this one is for you.  It's time to sound off on who you think is the right fit for America's farmer Chris Soules!

Here are my front runners and why!  Typically one of my front runners win so I am hoping this time my luck doesn't run out since I decided to share my predictions with all of you haha.

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Whitney.  I like Whitney.  Probably because she is a fellow Midwestern gal.  Or maybe it is her high pitched voice.  Or her career as a Fertility Nurse.  I don't know- but I liked her from the start for Chris.  She seems like a genuine girl who wouldn't mind living on a farm in Iowa forever with Chris and like she actually really likes him.  I think they make a cute couple and I totally loved that they crashed a wedding together on their date.  She seems like a fun girl who is a good match for Chris.

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Jade.  Like the rest of America, I counted Jade out until this last episode when she had her Cinderella date with Chris.  She is so quiet that is is easy to overlook her but she really seems like a good match for Chris.  She is the girl next door.  She is originally from Nebraska which means she also wouldn't mind living on a farm in Iowa forever and seems sweet. 

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Becca.  We just found out that she is also a virgin which is so awesome.  But guess what!  She doesn't talk about the fact she is a virgin every waking second like Miss Ashley I. so she wins major points for that.  She and Chris seem to have a good chemistry and like the other ladies, has small town routes. 

Don't be shy.  If you are like me and waste some time each week on this show, sound off in the comments on who you think will win the heart of America's farmer bachelor.

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