Sunday, January 25, 2015

One word. And it is.....

Amazing.  Wow!  Greetings family & friends, and new followers to the blog- I am so glad you found me and decided to visit.  I truly hope you decide to stay around after the House Hunter's dust settles.  Thank you for your comments, emails and visits to the page letting me know you enjoyed our episode.  I really appreciate and enjoy hearing from you!

I will tell you, watching yourself relive the home buying process with your family and friends on television is truly a surreal feeling.  Our realtor Cynthia hosted a wonderful watch party for us Tuesday night at our home.  She is a rockstar and we were so glad to have had her help through our house hunting journey.

We had no idea what the storyline would be so the anxiety of wondering how you will be portrayed is in full effect, well at least it was for me!  Watching the show there were definitely moments I thought for sure would have made the episode that they decided not show.  22 minutes is not along time at all to highlight an entire house hunting experience 100% accurately though so we have to remember things get cut when you are dealing with TV :)

We enjoyed working with our producers and crew- they were all so much fun!

I promise I will put together a post with some HH behind the scenes facts for those of you who want to know more about the show.

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  1. Love this! Almost feels like I've been granted a backstage pass!


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