Thursday, January 15, 2015

The end. For a new beginning

The devil is real.  Seriously.  He is on a constant attack of the spirit and if you are not careful, he will win. 

In honor of my own walk with Christ and in effort to purge myself of things that do not add value to my life, I will be making a few changes and I want to share one of those changes with you all as this change may possibly affect the readers of my blog.

Long story short.  I am on a mission to makeover my spirit because I have come to the realization that lately I have allowed the enemy to attack me.  And I AM NOT having it.

My first step in this effort......

I am deactivating my Facebook.  Yep.   I have thought log and hard for a really long time about purging Facebook for good to the point I heightened my privacy settings where you cannot even add me as a friend without us already sharing mutual friends.  I only really kept the account open because I thought as a blogger I have to have a blog Facebook account and Facebook makes it so that you cannot have one without the other.

Here's the thing.  I find Facebook to be extremely negative majority of the time.  I log into it only to be bombarded by posts that negatively impact my spirit.  Clearly I must have the wrong friends on Facebook because all I see now is outrageous material.  I post something maybe a few times a year so I am clearly not an active user.  It has got to a point that I have near 600 Facebook friends accumulated and only have real relationships with maybe 20% of that population so the times I do post, the only people who Like or Comment anyway are those people who are already active parts of my "real" non Facebook life anyway.  I am to a point in my life where I would rather not share the happy "Facebook" worthy moments of my life with nearly 600 people, most of which we share no relationship outside of Facebook.  There is so many posts of sexual content and crazy articles being shared on my feed that I just no longer have the desire to see.

Facebook has been very beneficial for me to keep up with the birthdays of my family and friends- so that feature I will miss dearly!  It was like my personal address book.  But remembering birthdays is simply not enough of a reason for me to hang onto the account anymore.  I could continue along with Facebook like I have for the past 5+ years and just have it for the sake of having it to keep up with what is going on in everyone's world but at this point, logging onto to Facebook causes me more harm than good.

If I could just keep the blog Facebook only, I would love to so I will continue to look into that.  So far those geniuses at Facebook connect your business account to your personal account behind the scenes so it seems like once you deactivate one you are deactivating them both.  DUMB.

I also could just go through and Unfriend all of those who post negative content or who I haven't actively engaged with since high school besides the occasional "like" or two on things we post on Facebook but I felt that would take too much time and also may be offensive to some and it is not my goal to offend any of my Facebook friends.  I wish them all nothing but the best.  I truly have nothing against them at all other than the fact some post just plain garbage on their Facebook's and some of us simply just no longer have a presence in each others lives at all outside of being nosy on Facebook- just being honest. 

Please please please, if you are one of my family members or friends that have a current presence in my life or someone who reads this blog or someone who just wants to follow what is going on with me,  I would really love it if you would follow me on my other social media accounts if you do not already as I will keep those active.  You can find links to the upper right hand corner for your convenience :)  I want to keep in touch with all of you!  We just will no longer be able to do it on Facebook......

Who knows.  One day I may change my mind and activate my account again.  But for now, I truly feel I am better off without it.

So this is the end of Facebook for me but the beginning of a more positive future. 


  1. Watching your HGTV show and wanted to check out your blog. Very inspirational. Just like this post. What do people fain by tearing down others? I applaud your decision and love your blog!

    1. Thank you, De! I appreciate you stopped by the blog and hope you come back soon :)


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