Tuesday, February 3, 2015

After House Hunters: Mini Home Preview

If you watched our episode of House Hunters, I am sure you were wondering "why is the house so empty?!?  Where is everything??

That was such a chaotic time for us.  First off, when the crew returned to shoot the "moved in" scene we were only in the house about 3 weeks.  Many of our things were still packed up out in our garage and we also sold a lot of our previous furniture prior to the move because I decided I no longer wanted it.  I wanted to start fresh!  We were also slowly transitioning out of my brother in law's place and storage unit during this time.  On top of that, I was experiencing some health issues during the time that really took a toll on my energy level so I was in no hurry to shove things in there.

Our filming for the show wrapped in mid-July 2014 so that was over 6 months ago.  A lot has changed since then!

That said,  I wanted to show you guys a little bit of what I have done with the place so far.  Many of the rooms are only about 75% complete so if you want to see the rooms as they are 100% completed let me know in the comments!  I definitely have plans to showcase more of the home in the future as things are more complete because I still have so many things in the works.

I would describe my decorating style as modern with rustic touches to bring in the homey feel and to try to blend both the hubs and I's styles together. 

Front entry and hallway along with the gallery wall.  Both are still a work in progress!  I have to add more canvas photos to the gallery wall to finish out the other half of the wall and I have plans to put a cool & cozy rustic bench underneath the gallery wall to finish up this space within the next couple of weeks.  I will post back with the finished product :)

Dining room and Kitchen

The dining room and kitchen for the most part are finished.  I will be adding drapes to the windows and a rustic console table underneath the clock on the dining room wall- I think.  What do you guys think?  Leave the spot under the clock an open feel or add a slim console table underneath?  I will be adding hardware to the cabinets throughout the house at some point.  I am also strongly considering painting again.  Hubby loves the dark brown accent walls in the living/dining area but I don't know if I am feeling them anymore.

Part of the Loft/Game Room and the bathroom that sits off of it (the orange accent wall and wall mounted television are not pictured)

For the most part, the entertaining area is finished.  I plan to add drapes to the window and to frame all our college diplomas on the wall.  I am also thinking of putting vintage sports photos on the opposite wall.  Eventually, the wall next to the bathroom will be for my office but as of right now I am using the third bedroom until there is a Baby H to evict me even though I was DEAD-SET against using one of the rooms for anything other than what they are supposed to be for.  But for now, we may as well make use of the space while we can I suppose..

Not much to it yet really guys but a lot further along than what you saw on the show.  I still feel like I went wrong in some of the rooms and already want to redo them.  Decorating a home is so stressful!  Especially when you do not have an unlimited budget and you are doing everything with cash.

I will do another mini home preview of some other rooms on the blog soon as the home decorating process continues.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. Tasha,

    stressfulllll indeed! Wondering why it has to be each time. One reason is we want it all done and NOW! Patience works sometime. I shop wayfair for almost everything I cant find at stores likevRoss, TJ Maxx, etc. Phew.... Looking good tho'
    Show the orange spice wall. I have it in my living room.
    Thanks for sharing


  2. Hey we watched your episode in Australia. Love what u have done with the house and congratulations on the pregnancy

    1. Thank you so much!!! I would love to visit Australia :)


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