Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How I organized my small linen closet with less than $15!

Since moving in, I have not had the time, energy, nor money to adequately organize our closets.  Fed up with how out of hand and cluttered some of our storage areas were getting, I decided to put some petal to the metal and begin working on organizing our storage spaces.  Since the small linen closet in our master bathroom was by far the worst and the smallest of all the closets, I decided to start there. 

What a mess!  Nothing had a designated space.  Everything was everywhere.  Looking for items was an absolute nightmare. This is all a result of months of adding items and not subtracting anything- and not having an organization system in place.

I started by removing everything from the closet and throwing out things we no longer needed.  I wiped everything down to ensure things were nice and clean. 

I made a trip to the local Dollar Tree and purchased 10 plastic bins in miscellaneous colors.  To give them a uniform look, I spray painted them using about 2 cans of Krylon Classic Gray.

Once I had the bins spray painted all one color, I hot glued chalkboard tags I purchased at Michael's to the front to act as labels.  After I had the bins all assembled with labels, I designated a bin for all the loose items.  I folded all the sheets and towels in the spaces around the bins.  When I was all finished, it looked like this....

Nothing fancy, but everything has a place!  I wanted to use wicker baskets as the storage containers but they are simply too expensive.  This is a practical and inexpensive alternative.  Now all I need to do is go back in and fold all the sheets again nice and neat like the pros do and purchase brand new coordinating dry towels and this little closet with be perfectly and color coordinated!  For now, this works for me.

Total cost: around $14.50!

10 bins= $10
10 chalkboard tags = $4.30
2 cans of spray paint = FREE as I already had some but they retail for $3.49 at Walmart or Michael's

What do you guys think?


  1. very nice !!! I never thought to paint those little plastic bins !! What a great idea , that look so much nicer and the tags are a great idea and you can change the label so easy , much easier than actual sticker tags, and looks nicer too !!


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