Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Four Things

Natasha over at Hello! Happiness blogged this today and I loved the idea and thought I would join in on the fun!  This post is a great way to get to know me better - for those of you who care to :)

Four Nicknames

Tash, Peanut, Babygirl, T

Four Jobs I've Had

Pretzel maker (Pretzel Time), Branch Manager (Enterprise Rent a Car), Regional Trainer (Apollo Group), Associate Director of Admissions (DeVry University)

Four Movies I've Watched More Than Once

Coming to America, He is just not that into you, The Notebook, This Christmas

Four Things In My Purse

iPad, journal, sunglasses, wallet

Four Books I Would Recommend

Something Borrowed & Something Blue, Coldest Winter Ever, If I Stay, Shaken and Stirred

Four Cars I've Driven

Chevy Cavalier, Infiniti G35, Audi A4, Nissan Altima

Four Places I've Visited

Aruba, Mexico, New York, Bahamas

Four Places To Visit On My Bucket List

London, Greece, Amsterdam, Paris

Four Of My Favorite Foods

Pizza, Spicy Pasta, Lo Mein, Chips :)

Four TV Shows I Watch

Revenge, Real Housewives of everything, Y&R, Shark Tank

Four Things I'm Looking Forward To In 2015

Dora and Corey's wedding in Jamaica, my 2 year wedding anniversary, re-purposing more furniture, completing home decoration projects

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