Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ikea Rast Hack- My New Nightstands

For the past year, I have searched for nightstands for our master bedroom.  Time and time again I either did not find anything close to what I was looking for OR...... I found what I was looking for, only to be discouraged by the ridiculously-overpriced cost.  So I decided to take a stab at doing this on my own.

I have seen plenty of great Ikea hacks across Pinterest and doing one myself seemed like the most practical solution for my project.  The Rast nightstands are 100% solid pine wood and SUPER affordable at $34.99 each.  You simply cannot beat the cost to have a blank slate you can customize to whatever you want.  Under a $100 for two brand new, solid wood nightstands = AWESOME.

Here is what the Rast chest looks like after assembly.  Just a plain, solid wood piece.
Photo credit: IKEA
The three day Memorial Day weekend was the perfect time to knock out this super easy project.  Literally guys, I took a trip to IKEA on that Saturday and picked up two of the Rast chests and assembled them that night.  I also stopped by my favorite place- good old Hobby Lobby and scored the perfect burlap knobs at 50% off.  Day one is complete!

I knew I wanted a piece that would fit in with our modern, rustic/industrial bedroom style so I went with a two-tone contrast using leftover stain I had from another project and homemade chalk-paint.  The hubby and I were at Home Depot picking up a new grill so I picked up a quart of cheap paint in a really pretty pale gray color.  So day two consisted of picking up the paint and knocking out the staining process because I knew I would need at least a day to ensure they were dry.

On Memorial Day- day three, I mixed up my chalk-paint and painted the drawers.  Once dry, I lightly distressed the edges to expose some of the dark stain underneath around the edges.  Once everything was nice and dry, I waxed with a thin layer of leftover Maison Blanche antique dark wax and installed the new knobs and these beauties were born!

I am really happy with how they turned out considering it took me no time to do these and cost me little to nothing! 

Happy Sunday :) 

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